Creative writing - Positioning a message in front of prospects is an essential tool in marketing. Offering to sell a service or product to gain the attention needs creative copy that’s concise, informative and useful to your prospect. Sell without selling… offer your client information that might be useful to them and thus help make the conversion.

Social media - Social media is an extension of what a great business does well already: listening, engaging, and customer service. Over the years the principles haven’t changed, but delivery of the message has. How the message plays out is something that needs addressed as directly as branding your mission statement. Good news travels fast and bad news faster.

Branding - Maintaining brand consistency and integrity is one of the most common challenges brand managers and marketing branches face. Consistency is the ability to maintain a particular standard; in branding, it is about making elements uniformed. It is not only repetition, but rather creating patterns for people to connect their needs.

The layout, how it looks, what’s the purpose? RGI will complete a creative brief that clearly defines the project objectives, timing and budget. Outlining details of the project keeps design and development stages on track.

Website – More and more viewing is being done via tablet and phone devices. Responsive website design is being incorporated into all current sites and we are revising existing client sites. Responsive design allows the window size to control viewable content, while keeping copy at a readable font size. This is an important revision for all companies to make to current sites.

Logo – Your logo design is the reflection of your company and the foundation of its brand. Your brand identity whether company wide or product specific should be easily recognizable to its audience and in time become synonymous.

Print – Sales tools for your sales team. Crisp designs and smart printing requirements that will showcase your business after the meeting has finished. We can outsource printing specifically with our partners or work with your printer directly.

Packaging – From initial concept or repositioning an existing product right through production we can help with development. POP displays, cartons, boxes, bags, call to discuss your project.

RGI will help to engage new customers and develop existing ones. Reach out and re-introduce yourself; call us to discuss next steps.

Our designers, copywriters and production staff have the experience to ensure your message reaches its intended target. RGI can advise you on points of distribution, internet strategy, insertion, outdoor advertising, web, and trade show displays.

RGI provides:

  • Layout and design for brochures and sales support
  • Web site design and database programming (PHP, mySQL)
  • Search engine optimization and marketing
  • Expert retouching, image manipulation and colour correction
  • Original illustrations
  • Photography, product shots in-house, studio shoot art direction
  • Image sourcing
  • Printing, full-service out-sourced affiliates, on-site management
  • Points of distribution, strategic placement, insertion, out-of-home, outdoor advertising, POP, trade show displays